Our first full day at camp saw the children start their English classes. The oldest students, the Rabbits, are with Carmen. After some fun getting-to-know-you games, they talked about ways to save water, and presented their ideas to the class.

The Ducklings (my group, 8-10-year-olds) worked in groups to get to know their new friends, and then took part in a fun quiz to see how much they knew about their classmates!

The Chipmunks (our youngest campers, taught by Camp Director Amie) had a lot of fun drawing their favourite animals and then playing guessing games, getting ready to meet the farm animals tomorrow.

Then it was time for the swimming pool! It was COLD today, but as usual, that didn’t put the children off – in fact, EVERYONE went in the pool at least once!

There were dive bombs, swimming races, card games, and some very good English from all campers. There was also a dance competition after lunch!