Our first day with the new campers was great! Everyone arrived with smiling faces and eager hearts.

At check-in they received their T-shirts and backpacks. Then they sat down with their fellow campers and had a lunch of pasta, meatballs and fruit. After that, they were assigned their rooms and started unpacking their suitcases.

In the following meeting, all children were explained the rules of Camp and the farm house. They were excited to hear about the games that will take place throughout the camp.

Next, everyone took a group photo in their new T-shirts and played games in the field to get to know each other. After a lot of running around, the kids loved the chance to cool off in the sprinkler.

Before dinner, the kids gathered around to read the first mailbox of Camp. They were happy to hear good words from their new friends. Following this, everyone had a delicious dinner of chicken and potatoes followed by peaches for dessert. Then they went outstide and did nighttime activities.

All the campers went to bed anxious to begin a new adventure in the beautiful Gredos countryside tomorrow!