Today started with rain and didn’t stop once!! But never fear, we didn’t let the wetness get us down! We started with lots of dancing, Disney hits and the ever so popular Cha-Cha Slide…practicing our clapping and stomping and the difficult task of remembering our left vs. right! Everyone got funky and learned what it meant to crisscross!!

English class was so interactive and fun today: the Rabbits mastered their action verbs and got to explore every corner of the house with a Doctor Seuss game while carrying a “stinky fish”! The Ducks created their own puppet shows and put on the BEST SHOW IN TOWN for all of the Ducks and Rabbits! The horses got techy today, continuing with their competition between the Chickens and the Turkeys, learning all about history and inventions and all sorts of crazy common knowledge! WHO KNEW so many things were invented in Scotland where our beloved Frankie is from!

After our delish lunch of rice with fried eggs and tomato sauce, the Ping-Pong tournament started again! With the rain pouring down on the sunroof, we also enjoy a few minutes of quiet, listening to the sound of the raindrops, the wind and the thunder! It was so peaceful, but short-lived!!

We divided the campers into 5 groups, which would be their groups for the rest of the evening. With these groups, they were assigned two vocabulary words, and that was their basis for a 3-minute play they had to invent from start to finish to perform later in the evening…the script, set, costumes and staging all done by the campers!

Just before dinner, the kids got to play one of the best games EVER! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs… they had to run all around the house, finding clues and teachers to solve brainteasers and tongue teasers, position challenges, taste testings and even math! Check out some of the faces from the taste testing here… Do you think they loved the Colacao and ketchup most or yogurt with vinegar!?!?

After dinner, we prepared the stage and saw some wonderful plays! Lighting, Camera, Action!!!! Álvaro R., or Stacy, was a hit, his brother Jorge, was George of the Jungle and Daniel B. was a killer narrator. We saw some great skits about respect, farms, nature hikes and love… these rowdy kids really know how to put on a show and really proved to us that they are great at teamwork!

It looks like tomorrow will be another rainy day, but we wont let that get our spirits down here at Fuente Alberche!