Tuesday started with a bang, lots of reggae music, and some drowsy-eyed campers, sleepy from all of the fun that was had the night before but well rested and more than ready for the new day! Everyone quickly woke up and made their way to the field for some very funny dancing.  The boys danced much better than their cartwheels from yesterday, just look at Daniel, Daniel, Ruben and Alonso!!

Class today involved singing and riddles, rapping and games! The Rabbits finished their posters and showed awesome teamwork! The Ducks have some pretty outstanding students who thought of some tricky brainteaser questions for their classmates, and the Horses have broken up into two teams, the Chickens and Turkeys, to play some enticing grammar games. Who knew comparatives and superlatives could be so fun!! Things are getting quite competitive as everyone is trying to improve their English and win coins to have the most by the end of the week! The kids are now masters of the farm and loved sharing their feelings about seeing and holding the animals the day before! 

The Ping-Pong tournament began and Ines won the first game! Yippee!! Way to Ines!! Afternoon activities involved lots of arts and crafts, bracelet making and clay time with rock-and-roll classics jamming in the background and some great dance moves from everyone. Who knew these kids could dance like that!

After snack, everyone got to aim for the bullseye while doing archery and some even hit it! Macarena and Martina, just to name two!! The Killer game is still at large, and while FINALLY someone killed the Monitor Katrina (who had over half the kills!), we still don’t have a winner. There are only 10 players remaining, so hopefully tomorrow at the pool someone will win and in the evening we can start again! Round number two coming up!

But then things REALLY got crazy and Fuente Alberche GOT ATTACKED MY ALIENS!!!! A special agent left a letter in the camp mailbox informing all of us that there was a crazy funny alien at camp and he needs our help to catch him…The kids will be running around completing various tasks to win coins and help the agent catch the alien! Let’s hope we catch him before he catches one of us and takes us away in his spaceship!

With a cool breeze in the air, Day three came to a close with night games under the starts, the aroma of bug spray all around, and a subtle buzz coming from every room, it being impossible for everyone to contain their excitement about going to the pool tomorrow!

If we survive the alien, we will be back tomorrow!! Until then…