Morning showers didn’t get us down this morning as we started this wonderful Friday with our beloved outdoor gym games, despite the misty weather and cloudy skies!!

We had our last English class today and there were a few tears shed…the kids have enjoyed themselves so much in class, all thanks to our all-star teachers! The Rabbits finished off the week mastering their expressions of «I like», «I love» and «I hate»…and quickly applied them during mealtimes! The Ducks transformed into their own great versions of Picasso, painting beautiful celebrity mansions and describing them to a T… Musical Chairs was even played, and upon elimination, they had to describe something or someplace about their house, mastering their adjectives. Horses finished up their inventions subject…turning into master inventors themselves. The Turkey and Chicken competition ended in a tie so tomorrow at the Party, they will present their inventions and we will vote on the best invention to determine the winner of the week!

Everyone was thrilled by the delicious BBQ lunch that was served today, with blood sausages and chorizo of course, but also with SHISH KABOBS, a funny new vocab word for everyone, leaving hysterical traces on the cheeks of every camper!

During free-time, we brought out awesome new puzzles and difficult sculpture puzzles…pushing the kids to think outside of the box and to use teamwork, to be the first to complete them for the 25 coin prize!

Shortly after, the sun decided to grace us with its presence again so we quickly packed our backpacks and took off on the short trek to the river! Due to the abundance of rain from earlier in the morning and especially the day before, the river was higher than ever and it made for some good laughs and wet shoes on the way! OF COURSE while crossing the ancient stone bridge we checked for trolls, of which there were none!!

At the river, we played all sorts of games with the balls and Frisbees, had snack and great conversations! It was great to see the kids outside and enjoying themselves, especially gaining confidence with their English and relaxing in their conversations with their friends, teachers and monitors alike!  

Unfortunately there is still no winner of Killer yet, coming to a screeching halt because all the smarty-pants left playing have figured out their Killer! Let’s see if tomorrow someone can stump someone else and bring us one step closer to having a winner!!

After dinner, we all snuggled up in the games room to watch the end of The Beauty and the Beast and off to bed we went!!

Tomorrow we are off to Avila! Oh the excitement!!