Breakfast was wonderful today – we ate the delicious cakes that the students had made yesterday! We were particularly impressed with the chocolate cake, made with no gluten or dairy, and how well it turned out.

After breakfast, class time! Rochelle’s class made various posters about plant and animal life. I was amazed by the detail in Iván and Mario’s poster abut plant cells

Kat’s class played giant noughts and crosses to review the new vocabulary about cooking utensils.

Jess’s class played games with balls to learn about prepositions.

They were also learning about different tastes, and tried to identify sweet, salty and bitter while blindfolded. Everyone had fun watching Rafa go first!

Ted’s class also studied prepositions, and Lourdes was the fastest to say and demonstrate all of them.

The class went outside after the break and played a game to organise steps in a recipe. Víctor G and Rodrigo won, and were awared a coin each, which they’ll be able to spend in Sunday’s market.

After lunch, we went outside for some games. The teams started off by showing us their war chants (these probably need a bit more work…).

Then we got into the games – first tug-of-war, which was very competitive!

I then suggested we had a teachers vs students tug-of-war – the kids put us to shame. Twice. We have to find something we can beat them at!

After snack we went to the farm. The campers talked about different vegetables and planted some seeds. They watered them, and are hoping to come back next year to see the plants that they’ve grown in to – and maybe even eat the peas from the seeds they planted!

Then, we went to meet the animals. First, the children collected hay to feed the sheep and goats

Then, we went to meet the birds. Some children were more confident than others

Then, the rabbits. Everyone fell in love with these lovely animals, especially their soft ears!

Finally, we went to meet the bigger animals. The children loved feeding and petting the horse, donkey and ponies. Silvia did really well to overcome her initial fear and come inside the enclosure to feed the animals. Everyone fell in love with Estrella, the donkey, whose personality is as soft as her hair!

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