Breakfast this morning was special – we had the cake that the kids made yesterday, and it was really good! Each group had made a different flavour so we all tried them all – my personal favourite was the coconut.

English classes flew by as everyone knew that straight afterwards, we were off to the pool! The campers were all singing happily in the bus the whole way (and in English!) – even the driver was smiling at the cheerful sound.

We had a great time at the pool, although unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side. It was quite cloudy before lunch (although that didn’t stop anyone from swimming!) but then showed signs of clearing up. We sat on the grass and had lunch, and waited for the food to go down before thinking about swimming again. This gave the kids some free time to spend together. 

We went back down to the pool and had been in for a while when it started raining. A thunderstorm was forecast, and we could hear the thunder, so took the decision to come back to camp a little earlier than planned. This wasn’t a problem as we set up volleyball and football matches, and the kids had a great time! The older ones took care with the younger ones, and everyone played well together.

After all the day’s exertion, everyone was really hungry at dinner time, and the pasta with tomato sauce went down very well, with everyone asking for second helpings. The campers on my table (Dani, Aitor, Illana, Nico and Macarena) each polished off two big bowls of pasta, some sausages, and a yoghurt!

This evening was film night, and everyone snuggled up to watch The Goonies. Quite a few fell asleep during the film, and everyone went off to bed quietly, tired out after a long day. Two more days of classes left – it’s really flying by!