Backstreet Boys filled the hallways of camp this morning, waking up the youngsters on the right foot, getting them pumped up for a full day of fun in the sun!! Gym-time worked up our appetites quite nice and everyone had their fair share of toast and Colocao this morning.

The campers quickly made their way to English class, taking full advantage of the morning before we headed off to Navaredonda de Gredos. The Ducks made Haiku starts, following the Japanese form of poetry with the 5-7-5-syllable pattern. They started to decorate their classroom with these beautiful works of art and by the end of class tomorrow, they will have made their own version of the Milky Way in the front porch! The Horses mastered their first aid knowledge and learned how to act in case of an emergency… hopefully we wont need to implement any of these new skills this week, but better safe than sorry!!

After snack, we loaded up the bus and took off for the pool! The sun was shinning bright and we played in the water until we dropped! Today, we were the only ones at the pool too so we got to play with the ruby and soccer ball and just had a blast! Chess and cards were played as well, and of course we couldn’t leave the pool without tossing in a few teachers and monitors for the grand prize of more coins! Check out these smiling faces below!

Arriving back at camp, everyone showered up in a hurry and came down for dinner! After a full day of play, pasta and sausages is just what the doctor ordered! Everyone cuddled up with their sleeping bags and pads for movie night, and without much fuss, wiped out from the days adventures, everyone quietly made it to bed to catch some z’s.