Tuesday morning brought about a refreshing sunrise. Our summer camp woke up in relaxed and happy spirits. After a rhythmic morning exercise, we delighted in a hearty breakfast to prepare for an energizing English class. The youngsters studied reptiles, mammals, birds, and amphibians through colorful songs, fun charades and Pictionary as well as unforgettable conversations. In the other classroom, the older kids acted out each other’s personality in a hilarious and entertaining theatre. 

The afternoon took over our creative and artistic minds. We learned about the importance of pottery and how to sculpt with the perfect proportion of clay and water. As the children’s hands busily molded clay into beautiful sculptures, the speakers sang with old-school, happy tunes. An hour flew by in a blink but at the end, the children got to flaunt their unique flowers, fountains, bowls, and many other pottery classics. 

It was then time to test the five senses. The children had to complete a series of challenges that forced them to focus on sight, touch, taste, and hearing. In the sight challenge, the children read words of colors written in a different color. For example, the word «red» would be written in yellow. The challenge was to read the word «red» even though it was tempting to say yellow. The children did extremely well in this challenge, proving once again that they are all reading rock stars. The touch challenge had the children blindfolded and reaching into a box filled with miscellaneous items such as a flashlight, whistle, pencil, compass, etc. With only 1 minute to name all the items, the children’s excitement during this challenge was priceless. When it was time for the hearing challenge, children were asked to dunk their face into a big bowl of water and say a word for their teammates to guess. It usually took multiple dunks to finally hear the word or phrase but the children were more than happy to dunk their face in the cool water. Lastly, the children were blindfolded and were required to taste a concoction mixed with two mysterious ingredients. For example, coco and ginger or vinegar and ketchup. Whoever could guess the correct ingredients won points. 

An afternoon of artistic exercises was followed by an exhilarating night of manhunt out in the field. The day commenced with a refreshing sunrise, ending with a relaxing sunset. The week has high standards to maintain!