Early morning wake-up’s are always so much more fun with music and dancing! Today was Eva’s 12th birthday and everyone started the day by hearing “Happy Birthday” over the music system at 8:30 am sharp. Before breakfast, per usual, all the kids made their way outside for some early morning games and exercise…and while it wasn’t a competition, the girls definitely beat the boys when it came to their cartwheel technique!

Breakfast was filled with toast and jam, Colacoa and laughter! Camp was buzzing with talk of finding out their teachers and afternoon phone time. And who could blame them? We have some of the best teachers around!

Later came the camp’s first class! We broke up in three groups-Rabbits, Ducks and Horses-and off they went to learn learn learn!! Each class studied farms, reviewed the farm rules, and learned plenty of new vocabulary about animals and nature. We made masks and posters and lots of really funny noises! All of this was in preparation for the evening activity of meeting and holding our amazing farm friends.  But there was plenty of fun to be had before then.

Lovely chats with parents followed lunch. Next, with the sun shining bright and the temperature on the rise, everyone changed into shorts and grabbed caps for afternoon activities. We played some American classics like flag football and even some capture the flag.

A fan favorite, the “Killer” game, got everyone in the competitive mood and excited to reach out and talk to some new campers. The object of the game?: Draw a name and an object and try to convince that person to grab the object throughout the day and in normal conversation. If they grab it, you succeed, but watch out because someone is coming for you too! Some have mastered the game already and have eliminated their person, and even a few more after that…but we are still waiting for our winner. STAY TUNED!

FARM FRIENDS!!!! Finally finally finally after an exhaustingly long 24-hour wait, we met and held some wonderful farm animals, even Lucia G. who was a bit scared! We met the horse and donkey, goats, sheep, chicken and so many more! While the 2-month-old baby rabbits were a bit frightened by all of our excited faces, we decided to hold the duckies instead and man were they cute! Check out Lucia L. and Cinthia below!

Dessert was the star of dinner. While everyone happily ate, and got some seconds of the asparagus puree, meat and fries…the energy rose as the lights went out, the birthday candles were lit and the birthday cake was served! I think it’s safe to say that Eva was not the only happy camper in the dining all tonight!

Day two closed with night games where flashlights and fun ran out the last of their fumes for the day. Fuente Alberche was eerily quiet just after lights out this evening, besides a few snores from the upstairs rooms. Everyone is looking forward to finishing the 1st round of “Killers” tomorrow and starting the ping-pong tournament. “May the odds forever be in your favor!”