With dew on the grass and a slight fog in the sky, Thursday morning started with the birds chirping, the cows mooing, and some Yoga. The kids loved their session with teacher Nita, getting to really show off their skills while practicing some peaceful breathing and mindfulness!

The Horses continued with their geography subject, learning about so many beautiful new places around the world, letting their imaginations fly and getting excited by planning future adventures! The Ducks got their architectural hats on, building houses and becoming masters of giving directions through their house, using adjectives and descriptions with ease!

The afternoon we traveled back to the medieval days, bringing out the bow and arrows and aiming for that bullseye… and all but one of the 10 campers hit the extra balloon! Juan was the overall winner getting 48 points…Marcos was a close second at 42 points!

Later on, we ventured down to the vegetable patch to get our hands dirty and learn about the wild grain in the Gredos area, as well as how to tend to a garden, different types of greens, etc.! We nibbled on some things, some tastier than others, and some downright awful! But it was a great learning experience. 

Before an afternoon dip in the pool, we surprised the kids by letting them know that we were going to camp that evening! So we whipped out the tents and go everything set up for a dinner and night under the stars. After another splendid dinner, we enjoyed the evenings cool breeze and played some highly entertaining night games that made our bellies hurt from laughter and could have lasted until the following day, but at last, we tucked ourselves into our sleeping bags to rest up for tomorrow, our last English class and river adventure!