Wednesday started out like a normal day. We woke up jammin’ to pump-up music, ate breakfast, and went to English class. And the twists of the day began. 

The Ducks pushed their bravery to the limit. After creating adorable animal creatures, they picked songs and choreographed dances, completing the sentence, «If animals could dance, they would dance like…» When the stage was set and dress rehearsal finalized, it was time to invite our guests. The whole camp came to watch the show and celebrated the Ducks’ hard work. 

English class seemed too short but the excitement continued to sizzle. It was pool day! Packed with board games, balls, towels, sun cream, and smiles, we boarded the bus and arrived to the pool greeted with beach-perfect weather. While we swam and splashed, we were told a filming would take place and the children got a great opportunity to mix and mingle with other campers while practicing their English. How exciting!

Upon our return to the camp, the children rivaled in a soccer game with Laura, Eva, Edurne scoring goal after goal. They were an unstoppable team. It was definitely time to fuel up and head to dinner. It was during this time that we overheard incredulous news. Some of the monitors had not seen Frozen! It was clear what had to be done. Immediately, Frozen was downloaded and we cuddled up in our sleeping bags and saw one of the best movies ever created. 

Filled with water games, jokes, and great talks, our bodies were tired but hearts grateful for such an adventurous day.