Day 4 began with more English classes. The Rabbits started a new unit on outdoor activities and camping. They reviewed and learned new words related to equipment and actions in nature. Afterwards, they practiced them in many different activities and applied them to start creating their project on building their own summer camp, which will be presented to the Ducklings in their next sessions.

The Ducklings reviewed prepositions of place by doing a matching activity with objects at the farm and competing in a visual memory game. The winners received coins for their excellent recall abilities. They also talked about water and extreme sports and categorized new vocabulary on equipment, sportswear, people and places. In addition, they started working on their upcoming sports project, which they will present to the Rabbits in their next class.

The Chipmunks reviewed colour vocabulary by doing a colour-by-numbers castle. Then, they worked together to break a code to practice their numbers and farm animals. They also started creating an alphabet tree that will be finished in their class.

After a lunch of lentils with rice and meat, it was time for the second day of afternoon activities for our Explorers and Horse Riders. The Explorers played a game, for which they prepared by painting themselves as warriors. During the game, they participated in many challenges and had an amazing time!

The Horse Riders enjoyed another ride through the beautiful landscape of the mountains. They also groomed the horses and taught the teacher and monitor how to do so as well. The riders seem to be gaining confidence on the horse at the speed of light and some even tried troting for the first time!

After a much-needed shower, the children all enjoyed a hamburger diner with oranges for dessert. They played another round of night games before going to bed excited for the Adventure Park tomorrow.