Where did that week go?! We woke up this morning, all a little sleepy after last night’s party, and couldn’t believe our first week had come to an end, and it was time to say goodbye to some of our new friends. There were lots of hugs this morning, and promises to see each other next year – I really hope that happens!

Not long later, our new campers arrived. This evening as I was eating dinner and chatting to Noelia and Eva, I realised that they seemed exactly the same as the children who have been here a week – the six newcomers have settled in so quickly that it’s not obvious at all that they haven’t always been here! The afternoon had started with some ball games out on the field – nothing to form new friendships like throwing balls at people!

We played some games this afternoon. The children tested their senses in five different activities, each one aimed at a different sense. The children particularly liked (or hated!) the taste game, having to try different mixtures of food and guess what they were – the tomato ketchup and Cola Cao mixture was particularly nasty!

After dinner, the first night game for the newcomers. As with everything else, they joined in with the others and had a great time.

All ready for classes to start again tomorrow. Happy Sunday night everyone!