Another day at camp done and dusted – I can’t believe how the time is flying!

First thing this morning, the children were out on the field, dancing and playing games. After breakfast, they went to their final English class of the week.

The Horses finished talking about endangered animals, and played a game with paper aeroplanes. The Goats made a city in their classroom, and the Ponies were making lots of noise and playing lots of games as usual! Just before the end of class, we ran an unannounced fire drill, to check the children remembered what to do in case of an emergency, and they were fantastic, all remembering and following the instructions they had been given on the first day.

After class, everyone packed their bags and we went to the river. The walk there was good fun, and the children loved seeing different things along the way which they had learned about this week in their classes. Jorge loved pointing out the mushrooms!

When we arrived at the river, we sat on the benches and had a delicious healthy lunch of salad with rice, followed by watermelon. Afterwards, it was time to swim, and Miguel was first in!

We spent a few hours there, playing in the water, splashing each other, trying to avoid Héctor’s water gun, and playing with frisbees, hula hoops and balls.

After the snack, the children all sat together while Raquel played the ukulele, and all sang Count on Me. It was a really beautiful moment, to see all of them doing something together as one big group, all singing in English, and in such a lovely setting.

Then we came home and played more games outside before dinner. After eating, everyone was pretty tired out after the long day, so after another evening snuggled up watching a film together, the children all went to bed without too much fuss!