«Yesterday it was the first day, and today I wake up and it’s the sixth day!»

Astonished Nicolas

Nicolas expresses what we all feel here: we’re amazed to see how fast time flies.

This morning we woke our minds and bodies up thanks to Olga’s delightful yoga class.

We learned the tree pose, greeting the sun pose, and the cobra pose.

Some of the campers decided to show off their yoga skills:

In class, The Ponies started learning about body parts, the Goats made an experiment with lettuce and food dye, and the Horses tested their survival skills on the Moon.

In the afternoon, we compete in a variety of physical games that were fun AND funny. Our bellies still hurt from laughing.

At night, after playing the night game we went to bed and the whole building went silent in less than 30 minutes.

Good night and see you tomorrow. Until then, I’ll leave you with this quote:

A camper, taking a break from the game: » Oh….I don’t want to go back

Me: « you don’t want to go back to the game???«

Camper: » No! I don’t want to go back home!«

This quote will remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

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