This morning started with a dance out on the field. The campers danced to Cha Cha Slide – those from last year remembered some of the steps so helped the newer ones to learn. They then came in for breakfast before going into their English classes. After class, we all boarded the bus, and went off to the pool – something we had all been looking forward to!

We had the beautiful pool all to ourselves. Alicia was the first in the pool – the lure of a coin (the children are given coins for various good behavior at camp) was enough to help her forget how cold the water was! Within long we were all in the pool, and it seemed to warm up pretty quickly.

There were swimming races and diving competitions. Dani C amazed us all by swimming from one end of the pool to the other completely under the water. The children loved playing various games in the pool, as well as others by the poolside.

We went and sat on the grass for lunch and enjoyed our little picnic. We then played games on the grass before heading back down to the pool. The water felt much warmer second time around! Lucía P had shown herself to be a great swimmer before lunch, so took on Alejandro (monitor) in a race which had us all watching and cheering!

We then returned to camp, ready for evening games. I was really impressed with how well the children behaved all day – they listened well to instructions, did exactly as we asked them at important moments (such as on the bus and when we arrived at the pool), and all were getting along with each other really well, and spending time with campers they didn’t know so well.

Back at the house, they went out to play for a while before coming in for showers. The music was playing after their showers, and when they heard Cha Cha Slide, a lot of them rushed to dance together and show off the moves they’d learned this morning! It was amazing to see how much they had remembered after just one practice session.

Dinner was pasta and sausages, and everyone ate so much! Today has been a long day, so our evening activity was a cinema night, when all the children brought their sleeping bags down to watch a film all together. Today has been another great day, with lots of smiles, new friendships, and more English all the time! We’ll all certainly sleep well tonight. Good night!