Jazzy jams woke up the campers this morning, fitting because everyone was jazzed up for the field trip to the pool! After a quick room clean up and packing of our backpacks, water bottles, sunscreens and hats of course, the morning exercise began! Relay races, the crap walk and even the army crawl were involved… Hugo was the clear winner of the army crawl and wow was he fast!

English class flew by today; Rabbits and Ducks mastering their prepositions with lots of singing and games, parades and even more beautiful posters were made! Horses got in on the game and poster action as well, with tons of new vocabulary! Here’s a picture of most of the Ducks!

Snack was yummy chocolate galore and just before loading the bus to head off to the pool, we took this lovely group picture!

The ride was short to the town of Navaredonda de Gredos where the pool is located, but the views of the mountain range, Gredos National Park, were stunning! Rubén is an all-star swimmer, 4th in Getafe and 1st at camp!!!! Our youngest campers, Gonzalo and Jorge A, swam their hearts out too and Jorge R was like a little fish! Everyone loved the pool, and while the water was a bit cold, it felt amazing because the sun was out in full force!

After a full day of fun at the pool, we made it back home in time for field games, Alien craziness and more Killer attempts! We still haven’t saved Fuente Alberche from the Aliens and the 1st round of Killers is still on! Thursday will hopefully bring lots of changes and new adventures!

What better way to end a great day with full tummies, YAY PASTA!!!!, and a karaoke contest! Almost everyone got up to sing, classics and new songs alike, with a performance from over beloved monitor Dan of “Let It Go” from Frozen, which stole the show!

Everyone is tucked in tight tonight, a little tanner than they started the day, excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us!