Today is Sunday July 23rd, and we find ourselves looking back at the past month and asking ourselves where the time’s gone! It seems like just yesterday we arrived ourselves, us teachers and monitors, and met the fabulous Fuente Alberche hosts, Florentino, Aurora, Alejandro and Hector, having our first BBQ under the stars, with jitters of excitement for the arrival of our first campers the following day.

Since, we’ve met over two dozen wonderful children and young adults, laughed untilled we’ve cried too many times to count, created many friendships that will last a lifetime, seen stunning hidden gems of the Spanish countryside and eaten some of the best food there is, made with extra TLC.

Today started just like any other Sunday at Gredos Camp, the campers awaking to the Cha Cha Slide and many other great songs. We squeezed in a little exercise of course, and then it was off to the last breakfast! While the campers had a lot of mixed emotions, sad to say goodbye to camp and everyone at it, they were undeniably excited to see their parents! After breakfast, they made their way upstairs to put the finishing touches on their suitcases, bringing them and all their extra toys, trinkets, class projects and Avila souvenirs downstairs, to patiently await their parents. 

Just before the arrival of the first car, we held the last market of the summer! These kids were extra well behaved this week, and maybe us teachers and monitors went a little soft on them as well, but they had so many coins that they almost cleaned house!

And then the time came…some one by one, some in groups…but in what seemed like record time, all the campers were gone! Numbers were exchanged, numerous hugs were given and there was a buzz of next summer plans already in the works! With tears in their eyes but smiles on their beautiful faces, we waved away every last camper who, after pulling out of the dirt driveway, quite literally left Fuente Alberche in their dust.

On a personal note, I cannot say enough about these wonderful children, hosts, teachers and monitors I’ve met over these past three weeks. Fuente Alberche has touched all of our hearts in a way I think most thought was impossible. I feel honored to have met and worked with such wonderful adults and children alike, and I must give thanks of course to their wonderful parents. 

That puts a wrap on Summer 2017 Midleton School Summer Camp here at Fuente Alberche. I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer and school year. Let it be known that we are already looking forward to 2018 and seeing so many familiar, and new, faces!