There are a lot of photos here – we’ve had so much fun and excitement today that it’s impossible to choose the best ones!

Everyone was up bright and early for the trip to the adventure park. We started the day with a nature trail, where our guide Guillermo told us about the flora and fauna of the Gredos forests.

Then it was time for archery – harder than it looks! But everyone tried really hard and eventually we had some good shots!

Then for what everyone had been waiting for – the adventure park itself! Harnesses, ziplines, rope bridges and a lot of fun. The birthday boys Alberto and Marcos were the first to tackle the course. Everyone had a lot of fun, even the Rabbits’ teacher Carmen, who overcame her fear with a lot of help from Dani G!

All of the campers have enjoyed spending the day with their new friends, and it’s been great to see all of their smiles today.

And the fun didn’t stop there! When we got back to the farm, there was enough time before dinner for a quick trip to the river. The campers cooled off in the water before digging up the time capsule left by the previous camp. They loved seeing the tips and advice left for them, and can’t wait to make their own for next year’s camp!