Sunday morning here at Fuente Alberche and you know what this means… time to say goodbye some campers and hello to many more new smiley faces! The morning flew by in the blink of an eye, between the early morning exercise, breakfast, and finishing to pack up their suitcases, parents started arriving before we even knew it! We did however have time to fit in the market, everyone getting to spend all their hard earned coins from over the week, buying lots of trinkets for themselves, their parents and even their new friends!

With the sound of the gravel crunching and doors closing, the first parents made their way up the stairs to get their kids, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

But shortly after, the fabulous campers of week three here at Midleton School Fuente Alberche started to arrive, mixing the new and old, and we knew right away that this small, but feisty group, was going to be just as special as the last two! Name games were played, ping-pong and of course foosball too, creating quick rivalries between the boys and girls, but all in good fun!

After a filling lunch of the best pallela in town, made by the one and only Florentino, week three was under way! Kids learned the farm rules, made their dinning room cleaning schedule, and even learned all about the internal mailbox and our coin system! Before dinner, we got in some great bellyaching laughter from some field games and a water fight in the pool!

Shower time meant two things…MOST importantly, round three of KILLER, and man were the kids pumped to get it started! It also meant room assignments, and in the end we divided the girl two rooms for the campers and only one for all the boys! After dinner we made our way back out to the field to play flashlight tag and other night games, getting out the last of our first day jitters and excitement!