With the smell of fresh air all around, and the sun rising early in the morning, the campers awoke in their tents after another well-slept night! While already outside, we listened the swallows, grasshoppers, cows and donkeys go through their noisy morning rituals before getting our own morning exercise in!

Today was the last day of English class week two, and the scholarly Ducks rocked their last class by proudly learning about weather and seasons. These rockstars produced their own tornado in a bottle using water, soap, and glitter. Not only did they learn strong new vocabulary related to extreme weather but they compared and discussed the difference between hurricane, blizzard, heat wave, and more. The horses perfected their vocabulary about environments and where they live, and we got to learn so much about them on this last day!

The walk to the river surprised us with many little adventures. We battled the rough terrain while admiring the vast beauty of the mountains. As the sun shone on our backs, we smiled, laughed, and felt grateful to be surrounded by the breathtaking nature. When we reached the river, we earned a delicious chickpea lunch and had river chilled melon!

After an afternoon a play, water fights and lots of swimming, everyone was happy to eat the delicious fish soup and fish, stocking up on protein just before the evening activity of MOVIE NIGHT!! While the movie was fantastic, only a few campers got to enjoy it to the fullest because so many of them were catching z’s early on, some of them even before the opening credits were over!

Tomorrow will bring us more fun in the sun and the end of the week party, can’t wait!!