Our campers started the day doing final preparations for their projects, which they presented to all of their fellow campers at the end of English class.

The Rabbits designed their own summer camps and presented information on their camps’ location, schedule activities and even maps! The Ducklings invented new sports in small groups and described details related to how to play, rules, sportswear and place the sport would be played. They even included fantastic drawings of their new sports. All presentation posters were proudly hung on the walls of the classroom for everyone to see.

After a short break, the students got ready for their second and last day at the swimming pool. Our brave campers were not put off by the cold water and jumped right in! We also finished the ongoing tournament of Chess, Connect Four and Dobble and we named champions for each event.

When we came back to the farm, the children had some time to practice their performances for the upcoming Talent Show.

After a dinner of soup and Spanish omelette followed by peaches, the children changed into pyjamas and continued their cinema night.

Tomorrow is another day full of activities and more chances to speak and improve their English!