Tuesday brought us another sunny day here at Fuentes Alberche and we took full advantage of it! The morning started with some great tunes blaring through the hallways and we quickly made our way out to the field to perfect their Cha Cha Slide, showing it for the first time to the rookies, and getting some good exercise in!

English class was a hit. The Horses continued with their science invasion here at camp and made a giant skeleton named Alfreda, she is now our beloved 18th camper this week. The Ducks have been showing their great teamwork skills and had a scavenger hunt yesterday, finding animals all over the house and classifying the into their respective categories… Amphibians, mammals, birds and reptiles! We are so proud of all of the campers this week because they are really making a huge effort to be speaking English throughout the entire day, earning coins left and right, and becoming masters of daily expressions, requests and even sarcasm!

Bringing it back old school for the afternoon’s activities, everyone had a blast getting their hands sticky and dirty, and creating fun shapes during the bread making class! We learned all sorts of chemistry and baking terms and we really got to see the creativity of the campers here!  Later everyone went outside, braking into two group, half getting to learn how to hit the bullseye and balloons in Archery, and the others playing Presi Presi…from both activities we’ve learned that some of us, teachers and monitors included, really need to work on our hand-eye coordination! Victor, Dani B and monitor Dan are our real life Robin Hoods, hitting the target almost every single time!

The day ended with a hysterical time at dinner, getting to enjoy our handmade bread, with all of the campers and monitors belly laughing their way through and at the night games too! Everyone was a bit loopy and I think it was from all the excitement for tomorrow’s swimming pool fieldtrip! Can’t wait!!