Today marked the last class of not only the week but of the summer and Gredos Summer camp! These adventurous third week campers decided that they wanted to spend their last Thursday night under the stars so that is what we did! After a peaceful slumber, we awoke with the sun to pack up the tents and get this beautiful Friday underway. Every good day at camp obviously starts with the Cha Cha Slide, so before making our way back indoors, we played it and got our blood pumping!

The Ducks finished the week off learning about extreme weather and creating masterpieces of art! After learning about many different exotic places and environments, creating individual posters and presentations, the Horses tackled the subject of Outer space and the Solar System. They learned all about the constellations that they saw the night before, as well as the different animals that have traveled into space and so many fun facts! 

We continued to enjoy the great outdoors on this beautiful Friday, eating lunch on the local picnic tables before playing in the river for most of the afternoon. Everyone played their hearts out, splashing around and getting everyone involved in the fun!

FINALLY we have a winner of KILLER!! Everyone put up a great fight and there were lots of murders around Gredos this summer…but low and behold, I won!! This fabulous day came to an end with everyone cuddled in his or her sleeping bags finishing the movie Frozen. We had a great sing-along session afterwards, but quickly tucked ourselves into bed in preparation for the next day’s field trip to Avila!