After a 10 degree drop in temperature from yesterday, we all woke up feeling the chill of the mountain winds. We decided to postpone our second swimming pool trip to Thursday, when temperatures are forecast to be higher again, so hopefully we’ll all be able to enjoy the pool!

The Rabbits studied vocabulary related to sports before producing ideas for their own sports. The students worked well together and came up with some very interesting ideas!

The Ducklings had great fun playing a giant board game to review the topics they have learnt up to now, before starting work on the Space unit. The Chipmunks continued to have a lot of fun learning new vocabulary in English.

Although it was cool outside, we were able to enjoy lunch out in the garden. After that, the afternoon of activities started. Campers worked in groups to complete a series of mental and physical challenges, including some which were a lot of fun to watch!

To round off the evening, everyone put on their pyjamas and watched a film together, with quite a few falling asleep! All are in bed now, ready for another day of English classes and activities tomorrow. Goodnight!