Wow, I can´t believe how fast time is flying by!

After breakfast everyone said goodbye to Mr. Fireball, aka Jorge, before heading to their last English class. The Chipmunks, Ducklings, and Rabbits decided to join forces in order to create their very own plays. Each group had to write their own script, make props, choose costumes, and build the stage set. Once they finished, the teams did a dress rehearsal in order to practice their performances.

The four performances were:

1. The Captured King by Miguel, María, Darío, Gadea, Javi, and Alex.

2. Romance in the Castle by Carlota, Juan, Pepe, Nikole, Aine, and Sol.

3. A Kidnapping by Paula, Manuela, Carlota, Marío, Mauro, and Georgiana.

4. The Great Wedding by Álvaro, Emma, Rocío, Carlos, Gabi, and Amaya.

After lunch, everyone had some much needed free time. Afterwards the campers headed to paintballing where they played several rounds of games like capture the flag, last person standing, and zombies. In the end, it was the red team that remained undefeated.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last full day, but we will be sure to make the best of it!