A day to remember.

After breakfast, the day started with a camp-wide board game in which they had to come up with a creative story in order to solve some unique scenarios like, «How would you eliminate an invasion of moles?» or «You´ve gotten lost in a cave maze, how do you make it out?«

Teamwork was especially important as they had to work together in order to complete challenges for which they got monopoly money to buy items to use in their made-up stories.

Lunch today was probably everyone’s favourite – paella cooked over the fire!

After lunch everyone headed out to the field for water games.

Before dinner «The Flea Market» opened up so that students could exchange the coins they earned over the last nine days for trickets and toys. The last of the game room tournaments also took place.

After the barbecue dinner, the teachers acknowledged their students and the camp staff with certificates for their positive contributions to the camp.

To finish the night we danced our hearts out.