This day started early for some! Nico, Rafa, Dani G, Rafa and Jorge decided to wake up early, and as they had so much energy they were taken for a run around the garden before everyone else was awake! Then everyone joined them for some morning stretches.

After breakfast, everyone went to class. The Horses continued to learn about parts of the farm, and wrote some very interesting limericks. They also got really into some communicative games, with students taking part in role plays. It was lovely to hear how enthusiastically the students participated. Alicia in particular got really into her role as an investigator!

The Goats went to the garden to pick some plants, and made collage pictures with what they found. There were some amazing pictures – Alfonso found some egg shell pieces, which were a great addition to his picture, and Lourdes used a big yellow dandelion as the sun in her picture.

The Ponies started to learn about prepositions, and played a game involving throwing wet paper tissue onto the whiteboard, aiming to land it in the position indicated (ON the barn, or NEXT TO the cow). As you can imagine, lots of shouting, laughter and mess followed! Vega and Rafa L had the most success, hitting the target almost every time.

After lunch, we went back to the farm to see the animals we didn’t have time to see on Monday. All of the children had the chance to hold a baby goat (a kid), feed the ponies, and then hold the smallest rabbits we had ever seen! I think some would have been happy to stay out there all afternoon (myself included!). Vega was delighted to meet the pony who shares her name. Illana overcame her nerves and held the baby goat with a big smile on her face.

The children then wanted photos with their new friends out on the farm – here are just a few of the many photos taken!

The second afternoon activity involved orientation in teams. This was a lot of fun, even if not totally successful in some parts! My group (The Wolves) ended up walking a long way in the wrong direction when we all forgot how to use a compass. Macarena and Lucía P were then given control of it, and we finished in second place. The winners were Cath’s team (ironically called The Losers) – Miguel, Alicia, Rafa L, Laura, Mirosa and Víctor.

After dinner, the children created short plays in our theatre session, and presented them to the rest of the group. Dani C made everyone laugh in his role as a monitor; Sofia loved dressing up and looked great in a wig; and Carla pulled off the diva look perfectly with a pair of big sunglasses and another wig.

Before bed, everyone prepared their bags, ready for today’s trip to the swimming pool. The rooms were quiet pretty quickly – everyone is starting to get tired now, I think they’ll be sleeping well for the rest of their stay at camp! Another day done and dusted, and 33 happy children