Today was the campers’ last English class. The Rabbits learnt new words for gardening and plants and had the chance to use them in different activities. They were also quite interested in vocabulary used to describe the parts of a castle.

The Ducklings learnt all about space and the Solar System, using superlatives to describe the different planets and their relation to each other. Working together they created a replica of the Solar System, decorating and placing the planets and stars within a shadow box.

After the break, the classes joined forces to help the Rabbits finish their 3D model of a city and put into practice their knowledge of different places in town and directions. They also had the option to do various crafts to take home as a memory of their experience at Camp.

After a lunch of cocido and melon for dessert, the kids called their parents and told them all about their days at Camp. In the afternoon, they spent some time getting ready for the Talent Show. Then, they played paintball and had an amazing time!

After dinner it was time for the much-expected Talent Show with four teams competing to be the winners. They all did a great job and the highest voted performance got a reward. Congratulations, Virginia and Nerea!

Then, everyone went to bed excited but a little sad for their last full day at the farm.