Today we said goodbye to over half of our first week campers and said hello to many more!! Here are some great pictures of the happy campers, sad to leave but excited to see their parents!!

The new campers started arriving at around 1 o’clock and with the sun sitting high in the sky, everyone made their way to the garden with Hector to learn all about the different plants, recognizing them and their names in English, and even picked different kinds of lettuce for dinner!

We learned all the farm and house rules, making funny plays to perform for our fellow campers. We also played get-to-know-you games, which was much easier than week one because we had so many repeat campers!! We had the amazing first day paella, delicious as always!! In the afternoon, we broke into two teams, and held a multiple intelligence tournament, competing in 6 different types of intelligence challenges! In the end, the two teams tied…Monday we will have to have the tiebreaker!

And…in a moment of rebellion, the kids even got to tie me up…that was fun for ALMOST everyone!! 

After dinner, we drew names for, and started, round 1 of week 2 Killer! Before everyone was in dreamland…8 were killed!

Good luck to everyone, and we will check in tomorrow!