(Photos coming soon!)

Well, the last week day of camp was certainly fun-packed!

The children woke up pretty early in their tents, and helped to take them down before coming in for breakfast. Then it was straight on to the last English class of the week, and the camp. The time really has flown by.

The Horses finished their booklet about space and played some space-related games. The Goats made straw-toppers, which they used during the break – I loved Lucía’s satellite!

The Ponies made vegetable patches, and impressed me again with their creativity, and also demonstrating the amount that they have learnt. They were also really helpful when it came to clearing out the classroom.

After classes, we went straight to the river. We had lunch under the trees before going to play in the water. The older ones (Dani, Alicia, Juan, Aitor and Iván) were desperate to sing, but were struggling for songs which they all knew in English. It was hilarious to hear them belting out If You’re Happy And You Know It!

We left the river after a few hours and walked to the paintball field, where we had the snack before getting stuck into paintball. Again, everyone loved it! Also, as more now knew what to do, there was less time needed to explain everything, so they had a lot of playing time.

We came back to camp for dinner, and then the campers went to collect their sleeping bags and pillows for the last cinema night of the camp. Everyone went off to bed without fuss last night – we’re all pretty tired now!