After all of the excitement of yesterday, there were some sleepy faces this morning, but the children quickly found the energy for their English classes.

The Rabbits, our youngest campers, invented new planets and created them. Uxia told me about hers – pink and purple and very hot, it sounded interesting! The Goats designed their own sports (Julia, Patricia and Nikole created a crazy-sounding horseback basketball, and Samuel and Alejandro’s sport is played on the moon!) before working in teams to solve problems. The Horses, the oldest learners, finished their creations made of recycled products, and they were pretty impressive!

After lunch, it was time for the final day of activities. The horse riders went off for another beautiful tour of the Gredos countryside, this time accompanied by Cristina and Lois. The Explorers stayed on the farm for an afternoon of games. Water games, followed by a range of games with balls, tails, and running. I’m sure the children will be able to tell you about them when they see you!