The day started with the penultimate English classes. The Rabbits were studying places around town and directions. They started designing their own city, which they will lead their classmates through by giving and receiving intructions.

The Ducklings started a new unit on gardening learning more complicated vocabulary related to fruits, vegetables and flavour adjectives. They also spent time writing letters to their campmates and parents.

Today was a special lunch of delicious, homemade paella followed by pudding for dessert. After, it was time for the final excursions for our Explorers and Horse Riders. Explorers had a fun afternoon playing water games first and Archery Tag afterwards. The Horse Riders got to spend time with their favourite companions, grooming them and taking another scenic route through the woods.

After everyone returned to the farm house, they had some free time to rehearse their performances for the Talent Show and write more letters to their friends.

Then, they enjoyed a dinner of vegetable soup and fish and later they played games outside in the dark. Everyone is excited for paintball tomorrow!