Our last full day of camp – where has the time gone?

We spent the day at the pool. Although the water was cold, it was much warmer than the river yesterday! As always, the children had a great time splashing around with their friends.

When we came back to the farm, the children were each awarded with a special certificate – they’ll tell you all about them when they see you tomorrow!

There was then a market where the campers could spend their hard-earned camp coins. They had a lot of fun bidding on popular items, and comparing their gifts afterwards!

This was followed by a delicious barbecue for dinner, and then the party! Everyone was dancing, laughing and playing together, with a group rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody to finish the night off.

Now everyone is asleep, suitcases are packed – they’re as eager to see you all as you are to see them, but there will certainly be tears tomorrow when they leave their new friends!