So now we’re into a new week at our summer camp. The campers were up for pre-breakfast activities again, and after breakfast they went off to their English classes.

The Horses were learning about fashion. They spoke about the changes in fashion through history, and Steve, their teacher, told me how impressed he was at the knowledge and maturity shown. Noelia, Eva, Alberto and Carla are all getting on really well with their classmates.

The Goats were learning about water, and the importance of using water wisely. Lucía, Lucía and Alfonso all demonstrated great skills in a spelling game, remembering some of the more difficult vocabulary words from last week.

This week, I’m teaching the Ponies, the youngest learners. Today we welcomed Jorge A and Gonzalo to the class. We were learning about the body, and the children made pictures of classmates. Olalla and Jorge B really impressed me with their knowledge of some more unusual body parts, and Rafa won a coin for excellent skills in Simon Says.

After lunch, we went out for some water games. Everything the Goats had learnt this morning about not wasting water went out of the window for a few minutes but we had a great time soaking each other! (Possibly the adults more than the kids!) 

There were also games involving teamwork and water, which the children had just as much fun doing. They had to guess what their teammates were saying with their faces submerged in water, and, in another game, pass wet sponges with their feet.

We all sat and had our afternoon snack together on the steps, enjoying the lovely weather.

Then, the group split into two, and half of the children went to see the vegetable patch, and half went to feed the animals. The children again showed great maturity here, following instructions about how to behave safely around animals.

The ones who visited the vegetable patch had fun planting various vegetables, and learning how to take care of them.

Everyone seemed quite tired today, so the night game was played inside, and then everyone went off to bed without too much fuss. Hopefully we’ll all sleep well, ready for another day at camp tomorrow.