The day started as usual with a run round the field, before English classes. The Horses finished their booklet, and wrote stories about space. Dani told me about his group’s story, involving a platypus invasion on Mars – they’ve all got amazing imaginations!

The Goats have been learning about space too, and each made a planet. Lucía and Lucía put in a lot of effort and made beautiful planets.

The Ponies continued to learn about the vegetable patch, and we also looked at some insects. We made ladybirds (or invented bug in the case of some, which were fun to see!), which the kids loved doing. We also played a game based on musical chairs, using vegetable names, which the class loved!

After lunch, our Indian themed evening began! The campers were split into four tribes, and put on matching face paint and created a dance. We then took part in some activities which would be typical for the tribes – archery, and tree planting.

The children then all came back together and put up their tents – very well actually!

We ate dinner outside, thanking the sun, the moon and the wind for our food. Tribal activities followed, with each student being given an Indian name (ranging from Cuddly Bear and Bossy Peacock to Undomesticated Grasshopper and Wise Giraffe!), before the tribes showed us their dances. We then took a few minutes to look at the stars, which are incredible here. We kept thinking we had seen a shooting star, but it always turned out to be an aeroplane!

Then the campers took themselves off to bed, an exciting night sleeping in tents, after a fun-filled day.