Rise and shine campers! Everyone had a wonderful night sleep tucked away in their beds and it’s a good thing! Tonight they wont have the luxury of sleeping inside, let alone in a bed! Tonight in camping night!

English class continued today with ease, the Ducks finishing up their poems and stars and the Milky Way is stunning! Meanwhile, the Horses got started on a new book today, Leisure! Smart Pants!

For lunch we had rice and eggs and tomato sauce…but that wasn’t the highlight of the meal, rather the impromptu dance party after lunch! Everyone got up and had a blast shaking their tail feathers and even doing the conga line around the first floor!

After that, we got our Indian party started, first breaking into tribes, Apache, Cherokee, Sioux and the Umatilla and then each tribe creating their own colors, patterns, headdresses and even battle cries! After snack, we got out our green thumbs and environmental mindset and planted some beautiful trees! Before a nice evening dunk in the swimming pool after a hard day’s work, we set up our tents in preparation for our night under the stars!

We continued with our outdoor adventure at dinner and had a powwow dinner in a circle near our tents, followed by a naming ceremony where all the campers got their Indian name…Elastic Leopard, Singing Panther, Shooting Star, Protective Deer and Sporty Meerkat just to name a few! A few night games later, and after a long session of star gazing (WE EVEN SAW SOME SHOOTING STARS!!), it was time for bed! After a full day of fun, the kids were excited to be sleeping outside and ready to hit the hay!

Let’s hope everyone sleeps well once again, cause we have a full day planned again tomorrow!