Week two started off strong with music blaring through the Fuente Alberche hallways and the sun shining bright! All the campers, veterans and rookies alike, made their way out to the field for some early morning games and exercise.

Everyone loved the first day of English class…the Ducks created different animals from cloth an and different art supplies, some even creating their own glitter…man these kids are clever! They also invented animal dances…If a monkey could dance, what would it be like? The Horses broke into three teams for the weeks competition, Chickens, Turkeys and Donkeys. They became masters of body parts, injuries and illnesses…let’s just hope no one gets any of them at camp!

After lunch the kids got to meet our farm friends…look at all these happy faces!!

Being the hot day that it was, we brought out the water guns, cups, buckets and so much more, and we commenced the battle of Capture the Flag…no one won however as it turned into mayhem with everyone going against the teachers and monitors! Sooo we made our way down to the new pool at camp and took our first swim! The water was warm from the day’s sun and everyone had a great time splashing around and cooling off!

For dinner we had a delicious pumpkin puree, with surprisingly no complaints from the kids, and delicious chicken! We ended the night outside with our flashlights and more running, playing a round of Farm invasion…and there are only 10 survivors left in Killer!

The big news of the day is that Nuria lost a tooth (Yayyyy!!) so we will have to wait and see if the Tooth Fairy will visit Fuente Alberche tomorrow night!