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05 JulDay Five - The Night the Electricity went!

This morning the kids woke up extra sleepy—no doubt from staying up all night watching the electrical storm. After a bit of breakfast and their morning dance party, you could see them slowly warming up, one by one, excited for today’s activities. Rain or shine, they knew today was going to be a fun day!


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01 JulDay Three - Dani's Birthday

Students must have given it their all during Tuesday night’s games because even with the music pumping loudly from the games room, we still had a few campers who found it hard to rise this morning.  Following another nutritious breakfast, it was off to class for day two of lessons.


During the Sheep´s morning class, students learned new fruit and veggie names including cucumber, eggplant, cabbage (their favourite foods) and facts regarding photosynthesis. They also enjoyed an English vocabulary game based on new fruit and veggie words.