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08 JulDay Ten - "Let's Go Fly a Kite, Up to the Highest Height"

We decided to change the routine up a little this morning. Instead of the usual musical wake-up call and dance routine, we decided to give the campers a healthy dose of exercise to get their bodies up and running for the day. Outside in the field, the campers learned some more kung fu routines to help prepare them for the day ahead.


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07 JulDay Nine - Which Way is North?

This morning the new campers woke up a little lost and unsure of what the morning routine was—luckily we had our ever so helpful campers from last week to show them the ropes. They told them all about how we wake up every morning to music, gather in the games room and have a morning dance or do some kung fu to help wake us up a little bit before we have our breakfast.


Campamentos de Inglés en España

06 JulDay Eight - Bye Bye Amalia & Hello, New Campers

Today the excitement in the air was palpable—we have new campers arriving today! All the campers were running around preparing the house for the new arrivals and buzzing with energy to meet their new friends. However there was also an essence of bittersweet in the air—the darling Amalia from the Sheep class was leaving us today. Goodbye Amalia, we’ll miss you! We hope to see you “next year I stay for two weeks.” 


06 JulDay Seven - Swimming Pools, Sunshine and Ice-Cream

Day seven in Ávila kicked off rather early for some students. Having had an early night,  most of the campers were up with the birds, an hour before the alarm clock was due to go off. We decided to start the day off with a mini workout routine, to get the energy pumping, followed by a visit to the farm. Today, the students had the opportunity to feed the birds and the rabbits and we had yet another surprise in store - each student got to hold the baby chicks and rabbits! Followed by an outburst of "Me, me", "it's my turn, my turn!", the campers cuddled and cooed over the newborns.