21 JulDay Twenty Six... Under the stars

After having such a good morning workout the last few days, this morning was a little more relaxed outside on the field as we did some stretching with Hector, and he showed us how to breath using the lower part of our bodies so that we put into use the lower half of our lungs that don't get used as much as the top half. Feeling relaxed (and a little peckish!), we sat down for a yummy breakfast. 
Today we're going to say hello to the Ponies and find out what they have been doing:
"Ponies have had a lesson filled with games and challenges. The week is coming to an end and everyone in class is competing for extra points since they know there will only be one winner. Adrian was extremely good at the wordsearch activity! Once we found the words we were looking for, we went on to practice them. The students were very creative with ways to teach new words and created interesting activities to test each other. We have also learned new vocabulary about farm animals and practiced them using prepositions and questions. The students were very competitive in the last activity where they had to catch a ball and say a word with the given letter in no longer than 5 seconds! After an intense game we went off to have a snack break and then to participate in a0 joint activity with the other groups!"
For the last part of the class today all the campers got together to compete in two teams and answer true or false questions about everything they have been learning over the last few days. If they answered the question correctly they got to take a shot at the target with the ball to gain as many points as they could for their team. The campers have great memories and managed to answer most of the questions correctly! 
After lunch, our Indian night began to take shape with the campers split into three Indian tribes - Apaches, Cherokees and Sioux. First each tribe had to come up with their dance and anthem, and perform it for the rest of the campers. Each tribe was very creative and come up with brilliant anthems and dances giving thanks for all that nature gives us! 
We all needed a headress of course so that's what we spent the first part of the afternoon doing, decorating and attaching a feather to our headresses.
Each tribe was then called to the patio where they played a quick game - each member of the tribe was called forward and shown a feeling on a piece of paper (surprise, arrogance, happiness, anger for example) and they then had to express that feeling so the rest of their tribe could discuss and decide which they thought it was. This gained them the prize of having their face painted however they liked.
After chomping down our afternoon snack, we headed out to the field to complete the rest of the tests in order to be ready for tonight. To gain the key to open the door to their tents, the campers had to fish an apple out of a bowl of water with their mouths before diving face first into a bowl of flower to retreive the giant key. There was flour everywhere! Next up, to gain their amulet in order to receive their Indian name the campers had to memorise all the objects on show and work as a team to remember as many as possible. Andfinally, to be able to put up their tent, the campers had to say a word with their head in the bowl of water so that the rest of their tribe could guess what the word was. This one was really difficult but they did a brilliant job!
To finish off the afternoon, it was time to get the tents ready for tonight.
Everything prepared, everbody had a nice shower and sat down to a delicious dinner. There was such a buzz of excitement around camp this evening as all the campers couldn't wait to get outside and camp! Upstairs they rushed to put on warm clothes, grab their sleeping bags and of course their headresses, and then everybody dashed outside and sat in a circle. One by one the campers were called to the centre of the circle to show their amulet and be blessed with their Indian name - Chatty Owl, Mountain Rock, Inquisitive Grasshopper to name a few! The energy ball game followed where one camper created the ball with their hands and then began to pass it around the circle. It could change direction if the camper receiving the ball decided to throw it back the other way and if they said "How" as they threw it it skipped a person. At the end their was only one camper left standing - Bruno! Good job Bruno!
After a quick dance to the beat of the drum to finish off a fantastic day it was time to crawl into our tents and snuggle down in our sleeping bags for a night under the stars. It wasn't long before a hush fell over the camp - after such a fun filled day today the campers were sound asleep in no time at all!
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