22 JulDay Twenty Seven... A beautiful birthday Friday

There were bleary eyes and sleepy faces that emerged from the tents this morning! After a night under the stars the campers trooped in for breakfast no doubt discussing the night before. To everyone’s surprise all our trainers had disappeared from outside the tent. Faces of confusion soon turned to surprise as the campers realised they were hanging from the two goal posts! Who could it have been? Maybe the red fox has made another appearance at camp?

Today we have another important day at camp - Edurne’s 11th birthday! We sang a big happy birthday to her last night, and then this morning at breakfast together with a cake and candles for her to blow out and make a wish. Her friends gave her some lovely gifts that they had bought her in Ávila last weekend too. 

As it’s Friday it’s still time for….. English class! And the last class of the week and of our summer camp this year, time has flown! We’re going to head over to the Horses today and see what they have been up to:

“On Horse Team we’ve had a very productive several days. We have completed work on our Shoot for the Stars unit. Students wrote about an imaginary space mission in which they explored the beginning, middle and end story structures common to many tall tales. Students discussed whether humans will one day colonize other planets. They talked about the pros and cons of living on other worlds while discussing amazing but true facts about the solar system’s tallest mountain, its longest canyon and the presence of water on Mars. Students learned fun new info about supernovas, black holes and dark matter while completing work on their past tense/present tense Team Story Comics. We worked hard and learned a lot!”

The last part of the class today was a continuation of the team true or false target game from yesterday, although today the campers could gain extra points at the end by answering some questions about their teachers favourite films and characters!

After class we had to pack away our tents as they couldn’t stay outside in the field all day. It was a little windy so we had to tackle them to the ground before wrestling them into the bags! Lucky there are lots of us to help each other out and we had it done pretty quickly.

We had a delicious potato salad lunch today and tummies filled, we packed our things into our rucksacks and set off on a route towards the river taking us through fields and across the stream. Along the way we learnt all about different animals that are sometimes found in the area, for example storks, whose nests can often be found on bell towers and roofs and can weigh up to 100kg, the wild boar which is animal of great strength and have tusks and Iberian Emerald Lizard which tend to be active from March to October due to the warmer temperature and cn climb trees. Not long after we reached our destination and had a quick dip to refresh ourselves before sitting down in the shade for our snack. While we ate Andrea and Juan played the final of this week’s chess tournament and the winner was……. Juan! Well done Juan! We had time for one quick final swim and then headed back to camp for a vigourous game of Frisball with the team’s doing their best to outdo each other and get the frisbee in the goal to score the most points.

Time for a shower and dinner and then everyone got comfy in their sleeping bags to watch the second of half of this week’s movie, Paddington. All that swimming and running had tired everyone out and I’m sure I heard a few snores here and there amongst the campers! We hope you enjoyed your day today Edurne - Happy Birthday to you once again!

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