24 JulDay Twenty Nine... Goodbye for now!

As music filled camp for the last time this year, the campers hurried downstairs to make the most of their time together before breakfast. There were chess games to be completed, table tennis matches to be held and lots of chit chat to be had about the party the night before.

After filling up on breakfast and now full of energy it was time to finish packing our suitcases and getting everything ready before the campers’ parents began arriving.

Before long the first cars could be heard approaching and it was time to start saying goodbye. Tania, Edurne, Candela, Laura, Ingrid, Álvaro, Darío, Juan, César, Pablo, Iker, Adrián, Mikel, Sergio, Mateo, Bruno and Iker are all setting off for the rest of their summer today. Numbers were exchanged, hugs were given and lots of tears were shed as the campers, teachers and monitors all said goodbye. As the gate closed, another year at Midleton Summer Camp had sadly came to an end.

The last month has flown by, and everyone has had such a great time and one and all will be taking home memories that will last a lifetime. To all the teachers, monitors and Aurora and Florentino a huge THANK YOU and WELL DONE for all your hard work over the last month and for doing such a fantastic job. And to all the parents and campers, thank you so much for coming and taking part in what has been such a wonderful, fun filled month.

I wish all of you a wonderful summer full of sunshine and excitement, and of course English! I hope to see you all at camp again next year!

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