20 JulDay Twenty Five... Birthday Funday!

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Álvaro, happy birthday to you!" was the musical alarm for Álvaro this morning as all his fellow campers, the teachers and monitors gathered in his room to wake him up with a serenade of happy birthday! We are really happy we get to spend your special day with you!
This morning it was my turn to get the campers moving outside. Have you ever seen the dancers who wear kilts (Scottish tartan skirts) and jump around their tiptoes? Well that's what we had a go at doing this morning - the Highland Fling - and the campers and monitors were amazing! Jumping around on the balls of your feet for twenty minutes is a great way to start off the day, although everyone will tell you, it was pretty tiring too!


Over breakfast we sang another hearty "Happy Birthday" to Álvaro and he blew out the candles on his cake, and then it was time for Wednesday morning English class. The Ponies had a fun class this morning playing a target game to practice their farm animal vocabulary and get points. After all that practice at archery yesterday they did really well! The Goats were looking at sea animals and fresh water animals, and the different oceans on Earth, and played a "back to the blackboard" game with objects to practice describing things. And lastly in the Horses they finished off the first half of their Space booklet in which they learned about galaxies, and wrote a story about a space mission.


Back here on Earth, the three classes got to together after their morning snack to play the "Who am I?" game in two teams. A member of each team comes to the front and has to ask the other team yes / no questions to find out who they are and gain points for their team. Spongebob Squarepants and Batman were difficult ones!

Seventeen pairs of feet hurried upstairs after class to, yes you guessed, cover themselves in sun cream, pop their hats on their heads and get their swimsuits on because today it was river day woohoo! Two by two the campers set off in their high visibility vests and in no time at all we had made our way through the grass and the river appeared before us. Nobody could wait to dip their toes in and next thing we know everyone was in the water. 

After our picnic lunch in the recreation area there was a game of football, and then it was back to the river to splash, swim, search for frogs, play frisbee and basically have fun all afternoon! 


Once back at the farm, the campers enjoyed a quick snack and then went over to the vegetable patch where they planted some vegetables with Héctor and showed off their knowledge of the names of fruits, vegetables and pulses they've been learning during their stay on camp - radishes, aubergine, courgette, beetroot, corn, cucumber, lentils, apricot, chickpea, raspberry, the list goes on.... What a knowledgeable bunch we have here at camp. Later, Álvaro even got a freshly picked carrot as a birthday present!


We had a delicious rice dinner and to finish off a great day the campers grabbed their mats and sleeping bags and got comfy in the games room for movie night. The film of choice tonight was Paddington - judging by the chuckles coming from in amongst the sleeping bags, everyone was enjoying it!


Time for bed now (if everyone isn't dozing off already!). We hope you enjoyed your day today Álvaro!
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