23 JulDay Twenty Eight... Sunshine, swimming and songs!

When the musical alarm went off this morning the campers were downstairs for breakfast in record time. Could it have anything to do with the fact that today we are finally off to the swimming pool? I think maybe it could!

After breakfast everyone dashed upstairs to prepare their backpacks with their towel, flip flops, water bottle, extra clothes and sweater and once their picnic lunch was safely zipped up inside we were on our way.

We had the place pretty much to ourselves before lunchtime today so had a lovely relaxing time playing chess and cards while laying back on the sunbeds and enjoying the beautiful day. Everyone had a swim in the pool which was lovely and refreshing, and then we headed over to the grass to enjoy our picnic.

After lunch, back down we went to enjoy the rest of the afternoon swimming and making the most of our last day all together!

Once back at camp, we had time for a quick game of football and then to our surprise Florentino took us over to see five gorgeous baby rabbits that have just been born. Ohhhhh they were adorable and everyone wanted to have a snuggle and a photo!

The day flew by and suddenly it was time for a shower and to get on our best party outfits for our party tonight. We all gathered in the dining room and enjoyed a party dinner, and then it was into the games room to dance the night away. None of us can believe that tonight is our last night - where has the last week gone? Time flies when you’re having fun!

After all the singing and dancing we’re off to bed - tomorrow is going to be a very busy day!

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