11 JulDay Fifteen... Sunday, Sunday!

What a busy morning we had this morning! There was breakfast to be eaten, bags to be packed, numbers to be exchanged, backpacks to be signed, and a few tears were shed! Eighteen campers headed off to enjoy the rest of their summer this morning and we had to say goodbye to Alonso, Juan, Carlota, Sofía, Berta, Pablo, Edu, Sergio, Amanda, Dani, Claudia, Ignacio, Carla, Marcos, Rafa, Cristina, David and Malena. Thank you for being such wonderful campers the last few weeks and happy summer! And happy birthday for tomorrow Carlota!

Before we knew it there were cars pulling up outside and fifteen new friends joined us. After a delicious paella we played a few games to get to know each other a little better and learn all the new names. We also had volunteers read out the very important camp rules about the building, farm, mealtimes and of course our fellow campers and set our timetable for the volunteers to clean up after mealtimes. Now we were ready for the activities and fun and games to begin!

This afternoon began with a gymkhana outside so we slathered ourselves in sun cream, grabbed our hats and headed out to the field in anticipation. We had a game of find the animal with the campers identifying each other by the animal sound they were making, all the while blindfolded of course – if not it would be too easy! Next up was the electric fence, where the campers worked in teams to send the current down the line to the last person. And to finish, the onion, where the campers had to remove the layers (people) of the onion by tickling and breaking the onion apart – there were a lot of giggles during this one!

Time had flown and it was time for a shower and our first dinner together! We were really hungry after all the activities out on the field. But we had finished yet! Our night game tonight was Pi, where the campers have to use their torches to run and hide while the person in the middle counts Pi 1, Pi 2, Pi 3 up to Pi 15. The campers must then freeze wherever they are. If they are named, they are eliminated. The next count is up to Pi 14 with the campers running back to touch the person in the middle and back out to hide again. As it gets more and more difficult, more and more people are eliminated. Mikel and Iker were the winners tonight!

After all the excitement today bed was calling. Tomorrow is the first day of English lessons for many of the campers, so a good night’s rest is important! See you tomorr

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