05 JulDay Five - The Night the Electricity went!

This morning the kids woke up extra sleepy—no doubt from staying up all night watching the electrical storm. After a bit of breakfast and their morning dance party, you could see them slowly warming up, one by one, excited for today’s activities. Rain or shine, they knew today was going to be a fun day!
Campamentos de Inglés en España
In each class, the children continued to learn and review the lessons for the day. The sheep were hard at work learning about the materials—besides food—that come from plants such as cotton, paper and wood. The cows made a poster about vertebrate and invertebrate animals. Meanwhile the goats were using their brains to learn all about the different types of energy and how we use energy resources to power our bodies, buildings, cars, etc.
After class, the monitors had an activity that developed body coordination and listening, disguised as a fun game, up their sleeves. What appeared to be a simple table game making fun rhythms and music was actually developing and improving their hand-eye coordination. For example, the leader started with a simple two-hand slap on the table as if he was playing the drums and all the children had to repeat. Then suddenly, he added a snap in between every two slaps and they had to copy what he was doing. Then in addition to the slaps and snaps, he added a hand clap, and so on—all without telling the children. They had to maintain the entire rhythm and follow the leader. What fun they had!
Soon the clouds parted and the sun made an appearance—it was time to go for a hike to the local river! The hike in of itself was not without incident—poor little Mireya sunk her entire foot into a “cow pie” and had to be practically pulled out of it and nearly lost her shoe in the process. They also saw a working mill—the goats were able to explain that the mill used water as a source of energy to power the mill and turn wheat into flour. After reaching the river, which was much too cold to go swimming in, and some running around a bit, the kids enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch and some fun games. For example, everyone sat in a circle around the “prison guard” whom had his or her eyes blindfolded and a pair of keys in front of him or her. One at a time, each camper from the circle would try to sneak up to the prison guard and steal the keys, which made a lot of noise, without getting caught by the prison guard. The kids were quite inventive in how they planned to steal the keys!
Campamentos de Verano de Inglés
Campamentos de Verano en España
Campamentos de Verano en Inglés
Campamentos de Verano en Inglés en España
Campamento de Inglés en España
Campamento de Verano de Inglés
Campamento de Verano en España
Campamento de Verano en Inglés
Campamento de Verano en Inglés en España
Campamentos de Inglés en España
Campamentos de Verano de Inglés
Soon it was apparent that the kids were tired, dirty and hungry so back to the farm we hiked back. Along the way we entertained the kids with the game “I Spy”—similar to the Spanish game veo, veo however without clues and the leader says, “I spy with my little eyes, something that…—but with words from class time, yet again reinforcing what they had learnt in class disguised as a fun game.
After dinner and the long day the children had, the children had more than earned a movie night—however yet again Mother Nature had other plans. Since this is an eco, sustainable farm, it is mostly run on renewable resources such as solar panels and other resources—and there has not been much sun. So, surprise! The electricity went out and we were unable to watch the movie. Yet again it was up to the goat class to explain how electricity is produced—or in this case, can run out. Although disappointed to not be able to watch the movie, off to the porch we went to play more games in the dark with torches. Even though they were exhausted, it looked like they quickly forgot about the movie and had a great time playing and screaming in the dark.
After much convincing we finally sent them to bed because we reminded them that tomorrow is another day of celebration—Tania’s birthday!



Qué bien os lo estáis pasando... se nota en cada foto y en cada entrada en el blog...No parais. Me encanta poder seguir así el campamento. Menudo esfuerzo y trabajo. Gracias !!!.

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