09 JulDay Eleven - When I Scream, it's for Ice Cream

Today the children woke up with only one question on their inquisitive little minds—“what time are we going to the swimming pool?” Luckily the teachers and monitors had some entertaining ways to keep them distracted before class.


Yet off to class they went. The sheep continued to review prepositions, whilst also introducing the different parts of the animals. For example, unlike humans, birds have claws, beaks and wings; some mammals have paws, tails and fur; fish have scales and fins and so on. Meanwhile, the goats learnt about prepositions through an entertaining—yet memorable—song. They then introduced the next unit: “Water on Earth”—which immediately incited a lengthy and humbling discussion—introducing many new vocabulary words—about fresh vs salt water and how in some countries fresh water is scarce and they have to travel very far every day to reach a supply, whereas luckily here all we need to do is flick the tap on and out it comes. Further down the hall, the cows were also buzzing their way straight through the “On the Farm” unit and introducing the new unit, “Water on the Earth.” What a wide array of bright students we have here!


Campamentos de Inglés en España


Campamentos de Verano de Inglés


At last the magic hour finally arrived and—after lathering every child from head to toe in sunblock and making sure they all had their hats on—the bus finally whisked us off to the pool. After all the anticipation, at first only a few students approached the pool with trepidation once they all realised the pool wasn’t heated, daring to dip their toes delicately into the pool to test the water. It wasn’t until brave little Juan Calderón suddenly decided to jump in, cannonball style, that the other kids decided to try their luck with the pool. They soon learnt that if they got in the pool suddenly, rather than slowly, they got used to the temperature of the pool faster. Suddenly all the kids were in the pool splashing about and having a great time. There was also a volleyball field so those who tired from the pool began a hotly competitive match. However it was soon time for lunch and after many students were too tired to either swim or play volleyball and used this as an opportunity to nap in the warm sunshine.



Campamentos de Verano en España


Campamentos de Verano en Inglés


While waiting impatiently for the food to digest and return to pool, brothers Juan and José—who swim competitively and swim five days a week—entertained the group by leading us through a series of pre-swimming warm-up exercises and stretches. Who knew that much like many sports, it’s imperative to stretch your muscles before swimming! They were excellent and patient teachers and the kids—and teachers—had fun leaning how to do them. Soon it was time to finally return to the pool and this time there were far fewer students who feared getting in. Thank you Juan and José for warming us up!


After a special treat of ice cream, it was obvious the children were beyond exhausted from swimming, running about, playing volleyball and of the sun, so it was time to pack up and return to the farm. I don’t believe there was a single child who did not fall asleep on the bus back to the farm!


Campamentos de Verano en Inglés en España


Campamento de Inglés en España


Campamento de Verano de Inglés



Campamento de Verano en España


Campamento de Verano en Inglés


Campamento de Verano en Inglés en España


After a quick shower and dinner, it was obvious that a night-time activity was out of the question so it was to be a film night. After a heated vote, the children chose to watch “Over the Hedge”—a film that teaches the dangers of what happens when humans take over animals’ habitats by building housing developments and eating too much junk food—tying in perfectly with what they have been learning in their classes! However soon the children were falling asleep during the film so we had to cut it short and off to bed they went—this time happily and without any complaints!


Sleep well sweet children, tomorrow is another busy, fun-filled day!!



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