23 AbrPhrasal Verbs Expressing 'Growth' or 'Increase'

Gramática Inglesa
Grow up         -           To mature / become an adult / to grow mentally
                                     e.g. I can’t believe my youngest son is almost
                                     18. It seems like yesterday that he was born.
                                     They grow up so fast.
Shoot up         -           To increase rapidly, normally related to
                                     e.g. The price of petrol shot up once the Gulf
                                     War started.
Pick up            -           To increase gradually
                                     e.g. Business picked up after the company’s
                                     advertisement was published in the
Speed up         -           To increase velocity
                                   e.g. It’s common for Formula One drivers to
                                   speed up on the main straight and slow down
                                   at bends.

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